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Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Starting out I never shot many fish. We would pull up to the dock with our spoils, and I would have one or two fish out of the bunch. I was always afraid I would shoot the wrong fish or too small of a fish. Over the past few months, I have FINALLY overcome this […]

15 Minute Meals

Garlic Parmesian Baked Grouper

Grouper. One of the most delicious, yet least common species we have up here in the Northern Gulf when it comes to freediving. Due to their bottom-dwelling nature, they are either hiding in zero visibility murk or laying on the deep bottom just out of our reach.  For us, conditions have to be just right but even then its a […]


Red Snapper with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce

The best thing about starting out in spearfishing is every fish is your first or your biggest. I can’t claim any world records, but the stoke of pulling up a fish is something that cannot be beaten. Recently, we set out on a Saturday trip to the rigs. It was the first time Kyle and […]